October is Economic and Community Development Month

Have you heard of KIVA?  The Rotary Club of Lions Gate proudly supports this international program which improves the economic lives of thousands of small business owners around the world. As examples, giving a small loan to a woman to buy a sewing machine or to a farmer to buy a few goats not only allows them to make a living for themselves and their families, it gives them the opportunity to help their communities. The loan they receive is paid back out of the profits they make, then that money in turn goes to another small business person who will also make a difference in the lives of their family, their neighbours and their community.

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month. The Rotary Club of Lions Gate supports the One To One Literacy Program. This year we will once again be purchasing a box of reading materials  for the program to expand to another school here on the North Shore. Do you have any ideas for programs that would promote literacy here or around the world? We are always looking for ideas from our members and from the public for programs we could consider supporting.

August is Membership and New Club Development Month

  1. Take some time this month to think about “Membership Matters”. You could invite a friend, talk to your neighbour, bring along a family member or introduce an acquaintance to the fellowship, fun and good works of Rotary. Is there something you can do to support the new club in our District, Vancouver Mountainview? What about attending a meeting or supporting the charter dinner on Saturday October 28?