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Dear Rotary Club of Lions Gate Members and Friends of Rotary ,

In the past week we have had a number of urgent requests via Darcy Long our 2018 -2019 District Governor to provide help and any support that we can as club, to both firefighters and the evacuees affected by the terrible wildfire destruction presently occurring in BC .

While we as a club have agreed to donate $ 500, we wanted to extend the invitation to all of our members the opportunity to also make a donation through the Rotary Club Lions Gate (RCLG) Foundation (which will provide a tax receipt for whatever amount you wish to donate). This fundraising campaign will remain open until September 14th, 2018, after which we be providing a cheque that will directly support the wildfire victims in the affected and the surrounding communities. All donations will be made on behalf of the Rotary Club of Lions Gate Foundation.

Donations can be made in one of four ways :

  • Via the donate button on the top of our website, or click here,
  • At one of The Rotary Lions Gate luncheon meetings on either the 7th and or 14 th September,
  • Mail it the RCLG at: Rotary Club Lions Gate, PO Box 38616, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3N1.
  • Failing any of the above you are welcome to email us at: info@rotarylionsgate.com, and we can arrange a pickup.

Thanks for your support to this very worthwhile cause.


Roger K Thomey P.Eng
Director of Community Affairs
Rotary Club of Lions Gate
North Vancouver , BC

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