Canada Day 2023

This year Canada Day was celebrated live at the Waterfront at The Shipyards. The event ran from 11:30 pm to 4:30 pm. We featured a sensational array of North Vancouver artists and entertainers for the enjoyment of the whole family.


Entertainment 2023

12 Noon – Melanie Dekker – with the Sensational Side-kick

A voice like chocolate. Musical diversity. Sunshine. Power. Love & soulfulness. Combine all this with an entertainer, whose joyful Canadian spirit has released 9 acoustic-pop albums and performs 80 shows per year (though not many in her hometown of North Vancouver!). Mela (as her friends call her) has been the support act for Bryan Adams, Russell Peters, Faith Hill & Chaka Khan. “My songs are nostalgic with an optimistic punch”, says the songwriter who’s had a hit song on Canadian radio called “I Said I’. The sensational sidekick, producer Allan Rodger, adds his rockin’ and soaring electric guitar to inspire you further.

1pm / 13:00 – Blazing Eraz

Blazing Eraz is a group of diverse, multi-cultured musicians, brought together by platinum decorated producer and drummer Timmy “Boom Bap” Proznick. Boom Bap explains, “The Blazing Eraz project celebrates each musician’s unique musical upbringings, and thereby we’ve created a sound that’s modern and unique to each our own”. We now mix Congo music, Afrobeats from North Africa, Latin Reggaeton from El Salvador, African American BeBop Jazz, and soul; this is tied together with urban culture views. With a world-wide musical appeal, Tiago Vasquez on Vocals, Noah Oryema on Bass/Vox, Aaron Grant on Keys/Guitars/Vox, and Timmy Boom Bap on Drums/Vox/MD bring on a funky, slick and harmonious hip-hop style voice of their own.

2pm / 14:00 – Randy Swallow

Randy Swallow hails from the musical hot-bed of Halifax. The dynamic, blues-driven guitar songs are crafty, like pop tunes, and soulful, like American blues. You may hear the hint of Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Police influences, though Swallow’s fresh approach to rock songwriting has a gutsy fire that’s uniquely his own and worth diving into. Fun fact: Randy Swallow and his one-man guitar factory have been featured on the Trailer Park Boys (podcast 184).

3pm / 15:00 – Mostly Marley

Mostly Marley started as a house gig, with the idea of bringing Classic Reggae to an otherwise starving audience. What kind of music do you play?” the crowd would ask…and the answer would always be; “Classic Reggae by various artists, but mostly Marley.” And thus now, the band name. Lead singer, Mike Henry hails from the Southern USA, and is rooted in Old School Funk ’n Soul, Gospel, and Blues. Henry states, “The more we experience Reggae music the more we’ve come to realize that it’s not where you hail from, it is a state of mind – because you feel the Reggae music in your soul.” They perform with passion & ease, remain true to the spirit of Reggae, and give the material a splash of their own unique blend. You’ll see that a good time will be had by all.

Youth Pop Up Art

Sara Montgomery

Sara is a skilled metalworker and silversmith who combines ancient techniques with modern tools. She specializes in creating intricate pieces with fabricated hollow forms and articulated movement. Sara enjoys problem-solving and often crafts her own tools. She has recently designed a fun & contemporary collection for Canada Day.

Celine Caldwell

North Vancouver local Celine Caldwell is the creator and artist behind Secrets Of The Kiln. Her small batch handmade pottery is created with intention, and functionality in mind, but what’s most important is capturing the essence of fun in each piece. Taking inspiration from the vibrancy found in nature and the whimsical nostalgia of childhood, each piece is designed to be a source of joy and colour in your life.

Noriko Kobune

Noriko Grew up in Japan and was educated at a European-style school. Her father is a traditional Japanese landscaper and her mother also instilled a love of nature, beading and jewellery, at an early age. She is most influenced by the wild flowers and forests of the Pacific Northwest as well as the Japanese artistic aesthetic and attention to detail. Noriko’s work has softness and strength, qualities she sees in both nature and woman. She strives to bring joy and to craft pieces that reflect the true nature of the wearer.

Kamaya Atterberry

Kamaya is a landscape and lifestyle photographer based in North Vancouver, BC. Most of the time she creates around her adventures. Her goal is to inspire people to get outdoors and grow a connection with nature.

Kamaya became immersed with the process of capturing a photo and inspired to share stories through her lens. Since then, she started learning more about editing and retouching photos, and eventually found her own style bringing out the colours and life in them.

Anastasiia Denshchikova

Ana Den is a talented painter with a strong leaning toward symbolism. Her preferred mediums of late are oil and acrylic, and she uses them to bring to life the humans she portrays in her paintings. Ana is deeply interested in the intricacies of human nature, psychology, and sociology, and her works reflect these themes through her characters.

Born and raised in the Donbas region of Ukraine, Ana received her first formal education in art, honing her skills in classical art techniques.

Said the Wind to the Rose Co. Rose Haley, Silvia Lemmi, Ashlynn Dance

The sun rises and everyone goes about their day, and then the sun sets. The Moon rises and nature comes out to play, the stars dance and the breeze makes the flora sway. “Follow me,” Said the Wind to the Rose, “and I will show you many things about the way the world turns and what magic it brings.”
Everyone’s path is different, and our needs change with our environment.
When I started making topical balms and functional beverages, I decided to focus on small batch, life inspired creations which allow me to lean into my artistic expression more.Opening my brand to my community in 2023 has set the ball rolling for enriching and improving the offerings we can host. We have skincare, soap, candles, and jewelry to offer in this season of warmth.
Operating as an artist gallery we work together to curate an energy of wellness and peace.

Jacob George

Jacob George is a coast Salish traditional carver & artist from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and has been learning from his dad and grandpa how to work with our traditional types of woods primarily red cedar. Jacob started out his carving in his early teens and will have some at his table to show and or sell.

Olivia George

Olivia George is a Tsleil-Waututh Nation artist specializing in acrylic paint on canvas and digital designs. After attaining a Graphic Design diploma, she has created many designs and logos including medal designs for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, season pass designs for Mt. Seymour Ski Resort, and collaborative logo artwork for the Invictus Games 2025. Being a self-taught Coast Salish artist, Olivia draws from traditional beliefs, modern elements, and nature to fuel her creative process. Part of her inspiration for being a TWN artist stems from a desire to indigenize Vancouver and the world.

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Canada Day 2023 Highlights

Canada Day Featured News Article

Rotary Club of Lionsgate invites community to Canada Day event at Shipyards

The Rotary Club of Lionsgate has hosted North Vancouver Canada Day celebrations for over thirty years and this year it has partnered with the Shipyards to focus will be on local youth, and disaster and emergency services.

Read the full article at the North Shore Daily Post.

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