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2017 Interota recap

Rotaractors mark 50 years of Rotaract at their triennial meeting

In September, Rotaractors from around the world gathered in Taipei, Taiwan, for their triennial Interota convention. This year’s meeting was a special celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Rotaract, and attendees marked the occasion with song, dance, parties, and projects. They also heard inspiring talks and participated in useful workshops that gave them new ideas to take home to their clubs. 

  1. Rotaractors dance during the opening ceremony of their triennial Interota convention in Taipei, Taiwan.

  2. Rotaractors pick up waste along the banks of the Annong River.

  3. At the opening night ceremonies, a musician plays a pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument.

  4. A “50” made of Legos celebrates Rotaract’s 50th anniversary. 

  5. Members of Rotaract from Beijing perform at a banquet.

  6. Rotaractors cross a scenic bridge on their way to the Interota service project. 

  7. Attendees collaborate during a workshop. 

  8. Rotaractors from Hong Kong take a break between workshops. 

  9. Canadian Rotaractors show some national pride. 

  10. Peace Fellow alumna Stephanie Woollard speaks at the opening ceremony. 

  11. A group selfie helps preserve the memories.

  12. Interota attendees at dinner in a rice paddy. 

  13. Interota Chair Elyse Lin jokes with the audience on the last day. 

  14. Past RI President Gary Huang addresses attendees at the opening ceremony. 

  15. Mitty Chang speaks at the opening banquet.